Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Thrill Power Overload

By David Bishop
Thirty Years of Thrill-Power!
For over three decades one British comic has defined a generation: 2000 AD. From humble and rocky beginings to its current position as the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, Thrill-Power Overload charts the incredible history of this ground-breaking weekly. With exclusive interviews, hundreds of illustrations and rarely-seen artwork, former 2000 AD editor David Bishop guides the reader through three decades of action, adventure, excitement and the occasional editorial nightmare! Told by the people who were there, this is the definitive history of the comic that launched a thousand talents.
Large-format hardback
256 pages
Includes bonus comic strip and comprehensive index

Although advertised at £34.99 its up on Amazon for £23.10 and should be out very soon.

For more info on the gestation of the book take look at David Bishop's Thrill-Power Overload Blog.

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