Monday, 11 June 2007


PJ Holden the smallest man in comics is currently putting together a comic showcasing some of his work that goes back many a year.
Its provisional line up is taken from PJ's Blog in his own words.

The Tallyman by Gordon Rennie, 1999
This marks the start of my long standing collaboration and friendship with Gordon. First appeared in Violent #1.

Bertie’s Backyard Bomber by Paul Glasswell, March 2004
A goofy cartoony strip in a style that I’ve never used before or since. Drawn for ‘Solar Wind’.

Broken Claw by Stu Taylor, October 2004
First printed in Neo #1 – we had big plans for ‘Broken Claw’ but we ended up doing a year long run of ‘Nanas ‘n’ Custard’ for Toxic! Instead. Relettered for this collection.

The Adventures of Rogue’s Secret Other Biochip Buddy by Gordon Rennie. c2002
Born out of a stupid conversation between Gordon and I, never intended to for print and drawn after Gordon had started Rogue but before I had.

Horror by Kieron Gillen, September 2006
Drawn for a horror anthology, relettered for this collection. Keiron is unnaturally fond of the pigs in this strip. It scares me.

Dark Judge Wedgie by Gordon Rennie, March 2003
Another daft Gordon strip, Dark Judge Wedgie, one imagines, is the Dark Judge that the others try to ignore and don’t tell when they’re going on inter-dimensional jumps.

Stripped Bare by Jaspre Bark, c2004
Written by Jaspre to accompany a series of articles he was doing for a fiction magazine I enjoyed the crammed detail (and now that I look again, it’s not unlike the Bertie strip previously mentioned, hmmmm…)

Face Rot, c2005, and Rebel Strip, February 2006
Origin of Face Rot unknown, the Rebel strip was written and drawn by me as part of a series of webstrips I’d decided to do for my website, wherein I would do a page a day. I lasted for two or three months and drew around 60 strips.

Bulldog: Forgetful Snow by Jason Cobley, March 2003
I’m fond of the delicate inking on this and there are some nice faces. Also, that’s my little brother Luke on the last page.

Strontium Dog: The Day the Dog Died by Kelt, March 2003
Posted to the alt.comics.2000ad by Kelt, this silly one page spoof was too funny not to draw. So I did.

Cages by Nick Brownlow Four page call of chtulu style strip for RPG magazine the Black Seal.

To find out more click on the link to PJ's Blog there's loads to see and damn it he's a nice bloke as well. Paul Holden's: Notes From The Drawing Board.

Tell him Logan sent you.

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