Monday, 23 April 2007

Colonel Marbles Minature Review

Not a huge link to 2000 AD but the Colonel is a huge 2000 AD fan and his minature reviews are well worth a watch.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

30 Year Flashback: 2000 AD arrives!

For any fans of comics you've probably read something by Lew Stringer even if you didn't realise it.
His wonderful Blog "Blimey! It's Another Blog About Comics!" has a small feature on the Galaxies Greatest Comic reaching its 30th birthday and some pictures of adverts that appeared in other titles in the weeks before 2000 AD first went on sale.
My favourite being the one with the Biotronic stickers from Prog 2.

Bristol Comic Expo

For the 8th year Bristol will be home to many comic fans over the weekend of the 12th - 13th May 2007.The Bristol International Comic Expo website has all the details you'll need to see who will be their and what will be going on.
Of interest to anyone who may happen to stumble across this Blog is that Comic Expo are holding a very special fund raiser at the showin support of
Based on an suggestion from Craig at Silver Bullets & in association with Rebellion they'll have a LIVE Charity Art Auction at the show which they are calling the
2030 AD Art Auction.
As part of the
30th anniversary celebration of Dredd and Co. They have some of the classic 2000AD Art Droids creating their favourite 2000AD heroes but with the twist of "what if they had aged that 30 years" ?

Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, John Burns, Jock, Ian Gibson, Mark Buckingham, Bryan Talbot, Mike Collins, PJ Holden and Carlos Ezquerra are busy working on their sketches, with special previews of the art appearing on the Comic Expo site and in 2000AD. It'll be totally unique and only available at the Bristol International Comic Expo in support of

Judge Dredd Phonecards

Can't believe that's its over 10 years since the Judge Dredd Phonecards by P&J Promotions came out, I remember getting the first set but didn't buy the second.

There's an article about them on a Blog called 'Bear Alley' so click the link to read the feature and see some of the artwork for the cards.
There's also a page of John Wagner's script from the project as well.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

2000 AD 30th Anniversary Party

Tickets now available for the 2000 AD 30th Anniversary Party at Madame Jo Jo's in London on the 25th April 2007.
Each ticket costs
£10 - On presentation at the club you will recieve a Tom Frame commerative poster.
19th October 1931 - 14th July 2006


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Also if you know any sites that should be linked then feel free to drop a line as well.

Monday, 9 April 2007

No Free Space Spinner

Post 1 and no free gift, just a few words to see if this works and if I can put up a post without screwing it up.

Its April 2007 and I'm considering what to do on those long cold winter months to idle away the time. I suppose I could do something productive, or join a group or expand my limited mental capacity by doing an adult education course but no, none of these noble causes will do instead I'm going to waste my winter months writing my thoughts on the Galaxies Greatest Comic 2000 AD, starting at Prog 1 and working my way through them one Prog at a time.
This mammoth task I do for my own pleasure and if anyone stumbles across it then feel free to scorn upon my weak writing or reviewing abilities.