Thursday, 10 May 2007

Slaine: The Horned God

A very good Spanish fan fim trailer for the Horned God based on the visuals of Simon Bisley

The image on the left is the cover to Prog 626 for more of Simon's 2000 AD work take a look at his profile page.


Sophie said...

hi stu!!

it is me soph! thnxs soooooo much!!


sophx x x x x

jon haward said...

that movie clip was bloody brilliant ,why isn't a hollywood studio doing it on a decent budget?
jon haward

Anonymous said...

Only just seen the film clip on youtube - amazing! Havent read 2000ad for years but immediately recognised Ukko. This has potential for sure. Is it racist to hope it is filmed in English or Gaelic? That would be a real nice touch. Please don't let the oaf who made the 300 make it though!